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Qualitycheck Customer Area


The active functions in the Qualitycheck Customer Area allow to:

  • follow the progress of the proficiency testing (Dispatch of sample, Deadline reporting results and Final Report);
  • download the guidelines of the proficiency testing;
  • submit results via the online result submission system before the fixed deadline;
  • consult the own submitted results any moment;
  • download the evaluation report of the proficiency testing.


Please login with the USERNAME and PASSWORD provided by Qualitycheck (Customer Area account):


Need Help? Please contact the Qualitycheck Assistance at

Qualitycheck eCommerce

Now it is possible to order the proficiency testing schemes using our new e-commerce service.

Please, login with your eCommerce Account to see prices and buy - Qualitycheck eCommerce (

Difference between eCommerce account and Customer Area account

Customer Area account: This account is dedicated to the management of the intelaboratory proficiency testing (e.g. to submit and modify results, for the download of Guide Lines and Final Reports).
This account is managed by Qualitycheck (e.g. account creation, password change, etc.). The login information (Username and Password) for the access to the Customer Area will be sent via email to the contact person for the proficiency testing specified by the laboratory in the registration form.

eCommerce account: Account dedicated to the purchase order of the services offered in the portal eCommerce Qualitycheck. This account is managed in full autonomy by the registered user (e.g. account creation, password change, etc.).